About Us

Vision Statement

The ONR will be the voice of the Rwandan Community abroad.

Mission Statement

The ONR will enrich the Rwandan Community in Northern America with a diversity of ideas, information, cultural traditions, and music genre.


To create a united Rwandan Community
To provide a platform for Rwandans to exchange ideas
To promote Rwanda’s values such as self-reliance
To inform the Rwandan community abroad about what is taking place in Rwanda


Unity & reconciliation
Cultural values


The radio will be a non-profit and non-governmental corporation.
The leadership will include shareholders, a board of directors, and officers.
The shareholders will be the owners of the radio and they will elect directors to sit on the board. The directors will also serve as operations oversight committee of the radio and shall appoint officers to run the day-to-day operations.

The radio will be organized into various committees that will be responsible for specific areas of the radio (i.e. Operations, marketing, technical operations, …). An ad hoc committee for the radio’s incorporation will be established. The ad hoc committee would also write the corporation’s bylaws.

Targeted Audience

Rwandans abroad

Retreat 2017 - Interviews